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At Tilaka Creative, we work with you to bring your vision to life, including design ideas, cost saving options, and innovative construction methods to deliver the highest quality at a fair price.
We pride ourselves on getting the job done just a little differently than you may expect.  To get started on your building or remodel project, contact us for a fresh approach to refreshing your home.


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Company Background

The name Tilaka (pronounced tih•luh•kuh) is adapted from the Sanskrit word for the representation of the "third eye" or, as we more commonly refer, the "sixth sense." The third eye is said to connect people to their intuition and see the world differently. At Tilaka Creative, we like to meld our creative intuition with yours, and to communicate creativity through innovative designs and carefully crafted construction.


Tilaka Creative was founded by four highly creative and energetic individuals with experience in construction, real estate, and interior design who could no longer keep our knowledge, skills, and abilities to ourselves.  We recognize that completing a construction project can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be.  True, construction can be challenging, but we're able to effectively navigate our customers through every step. 


We are ready and able to bring your project to life!


FL Certified General Contractor, #CGC1534259


Building & Implementing

We'll take all that talking and planning and begin to cement those ideas.  Many projects will be performed entirely by our own forces, while others may require input from our trusted partners.  We find that both new and renovative construction is rarely purely linear:  the project can change direction, often leading to cost-savings or a better design.

Wrapping it Up

Before we finish the project, we'll take care of any loose ends.  Finalizing inspections (if the project required permits), punch walks, cleaning, and final billing are some of the activities in this phase. Most important, we want to make sure you are thrilled before we move on!

Thinking & Designing

We'll start with your vision - what it is you'd like to work with us to create for you.  We prefer to collaborate from the very beginning, so you know what you'll get at the very end.  We'll discuss ideas to determine the scope, speak about your budget, and determine a timeline.